Escort Berlin

I am Annabelle, 32 y.o. Independent Escort Lady from Berlin and I would like to wellcome you to my website!


The modern day courtesan needs a very special quality: the ability to make men desire her company and to return to it, although, if questioned, they could not quite say why. Can these skills be learnt? I think probably not.


Most men would find me very attractive, and I may attract admiring glances from other gentlemen while you are with me. But I will make you feel and believe that you are the only man in the room. That is my talent. I will create a desire for my company both mentally and physically. This is what makes my services different from the more mainstream "by the hour" - scenario.


I do have an air of natural innocence but I am very open towards sex and relationship. There will be a spiritual connection in the best of encounters and a deep intimacy, and we will feel no need to analyse or justify our sexuality. I am a very independent woman and my natural preference is towards intimate, loving friendship with no strings or dependence attached, which makes me ideally suited for beeing a courtesan.


“ The happiness of a man in this life does not consist in the absence but in the mastery of his passions.” Tennyson 1809-1892


Do you want the benefits of a mistress with none of the disadvantages and to indulge your fantasies safely within my erotic experience? I am very sensual, beautiful, warm and attentive, just a great company to be with and I always remain very discreet. I am very selective about men i meet, and prefers to meet my little circle of my lovers on a regular basis. Whether this is once a week, or once a month is up to you, but our time together will always be memorable for you.


Those gentlemen who become my special friends have certain characteristics in common and have specific criteria in mind when searching for their perfect companion. The first characteristic is that for these gentlemen, money is no object and never intrudes upon the pursuit of pleasure. Secondly, they wish to find a companion with whom they can forge an ongoing relationship - they would not utilize a service that provided only quick, rushed anonymous meetings. Thirdly, they are very selective individuals, often mature, who are looking for a genuine “connection” with their ideal companion. They are striving for an emotional enhancement to their lives as well as a sensual and extremely skilled intimate companion. In short, they are seeking a meaningful encounter with a gifted lady capable of, and willing to open herself emotionally to her special friends whilst never straying across the boundaries of this unique arrangement. The elite courtesan has a natural ability to provide this intense, involved, genuinely special relationship. My special friends expect quality in all areas of their life and it is no different when they are searching for their perfect companion. This is not a scenario that appeals to all gentlemen and is what differentiates a true courtesan from a high class escort.


Is it your first time? -  first of all don't worry - everyone is nervous when they meet someone new. Think of our meeting as an online dating. We will meet up and enjoy a lovely time.


Some more details about me:

Age: 32 y.o.

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 55 kg

Bra: 75 C ( NO SILIKON )

Smoking: no

Language: German, English, and some Italian (basic)

favorite drinks: champagne, red and white wine


I am reely looking forward to meeting you!